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How to Fight for the Compensation If You Have Lost Some in Head-on Collision between 18 Wheeler & Car

How to Fight for the Compensation If You Have Lost Some in Head-on Collision between 18 Wheeler & Car

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If you’ve ever been cut off by a large truck on the highway, you know how intimidating they can be. Sharing the road with 18-wheelers is an everyday occurrence for many Americans, and unfortunately, large truck accidents are becoming more and more common. In 2017, the U.S. saw 4,761 fatal crashes involving large trucks, which is an 8% increase from the year before. And if we talk about car crash Houston today, there have been more than 20 people who got injured in an accident near 7800 South Sam Houston Parkway & Gulf Freeway at Howard Drive. So why do these accidents happen? And why you should consider talking with Houston trucking accident attorney? Let’s take a look.

Driver Error- The most common reason for 18-wheeler accidents is driver error. This can include anything from not paying attention to the road to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driver error on the part of the 18-wheeler driver is also often compounded by fatigue. Truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, and this can lead to them pushing themselves beyond their limits. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict hours-of-service regulations that are designed to prevent truck driver fatigue, but these regulations are often ignored or flouted by trucking companies looking to save time and money. Are aware of the truck accident lawsuits in Texas? If not, this blog is for you!

Poorly Maintained Vehicles- Another leading cause of 18-wheeler accidents is poorly maintained vehicles. Tractor-trailers have a lot of moving parts, and if any one of those parts is not properly maintained, it could lead to an accident. For example, bald tires are one of the most common causes of truck accidents. Likewise, poorly maintained car such as brake fail can lead to Houston car crash. Trucks also need to undergo regular brake inspections and repairs, as brakes that are not properly maintained can fail when they are needed most. Unfortunately, many trucking companies cut corners when it comes to maintenance in order to save money, which puts drivers and other motorists at risk.

Unsafe Road Conditions- While poor vehicle maintenance is often the responsibility of the trucking company, unsafe road conditions are usually out of anyone’s control. Poorly designed or maintained roads can create hazardous conditions that are perfect for accidents waiting to happen. For example, potholes can cause problems for any type of vehicle, but they can be especially dangerous for large trucks because they can cause tire blowouts or loss of control. Additionally, roads that are not properly cleaned or cleared after severe weather can also create hazardous conditions for all motorists, but particularly for trucks because of their size and weight.

There is no single reason why 18-wheeler colloid with car or why car crash Houston happens; rather, they are typically the result of several different factors coming together. Truck drivers who are tired or under pressure to meet deadlines may make mistakes that lead to accidents, while poorly maintained vehicles or unsafe road conditions can also contribute to crashes. By taking steps to improve driver safety and vehicle maintenance while also working to improve road design and maintenance, we may be able to decrease the number of 18-wheeler accidents on our highways each year.

How to fight for the Compensation your deserve in Head-on Collision

No one wants to be in an accident, let alone a head-on collision. These types of accidents usually result in serious injuries or even death. If you or a loved one has been involved in such an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. This blog will explain how to fight for the compensation you deserve if you have been involved in a head-on collision between an 18 wheeler and a car.

  1. Gather evidence – It is important to gather as much evidence as possible after an accident. This includes taking pictures of the scene of the accident, taking pictures of your injuries, and getting the contact information of any witnesses. You should also get a copy of the police report. All of this evidence will be helpful when filing a claim for compensation.
  2. Speak to a lawyer – After you have gathered all of the evidence, you should speak to the best Houston car accident lawyers who specializes in personal injury claims. They will be able to assess your case and determine how much compensation you may be entitled to.

3. File a claim – Once you have spoken to a lawyer, you can then file a claim for compensation with the insurance company of the at-fault party. The insurance company will then either approve or deny your claim. If your claim is approved, you will receive compensation for your injuries and damages. If your claim is denied, you can appeal the decision or file a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

The Dangers of Road Debris

Every day, we share the road with large commercial trucks. And while these behemoth vehicles are an essential part of our economy, they can also pose a serious danger to other vehicles. One of the most common—and dangerous—types of truck accidents is a collision with road debris.

What is Road Debris?

Road debris can be defined as any foreign object that has become dislodged from a vehicle and is now lying on the roadway. This could be something as small as a pebble or as large as a tire. No matter the size, however, road debris can pose a serious threat to other vehicles such as car, motorcycle, pedestrians, and so on causing serious 18 wheeler accident Houston. If you have been injured by negligent 18 wheeler driver, you can claim the compensation with the help of car wreck attorney Houston. We have decades of experience in handling similar cases like your!

How Does Road Debris Cause Accidents?

There are several ways in which road debris can cause accidents. The first—and most obvious—way is if the debris actually strikes another vehicle. This could happen if a piece of metal falls off a truck and hits another car, for example. In addition to causing physical damage to the vehicle, this can also startle or distract the driver, leading to an accident.

Another way road debris can cause accidents is by blocking a driver’s view of the road ahead. This could happen if a large piece of debris lands in front of a driver’s windshield or if several smaller pieces accumulate on the windshield over time, obscuring the driver’s vision. Finally, road debris can cause accidents simply by being there. Drivers may swerve to avoid hitting debris, resulting in a collision with another vehicle or perhaps even veering off the roadway entirely.

Road debris is more common than you might think—and it can be incredibly dangerous. If you see debris on the roadway, do your best to avoid it and never try to swerve around it at the last minute. In case, you are hurt while driving a car, you can talk to our car crash lawyer Houston to know the procedure of claiming the compensation!

How Trucking Accident Attorney Houston Helps in Head-on Collision 

Head-on collisions are some of the most dangerous types of accidents that truck drivers can be involved in. These accidents often result in serious injuries or even death. If you or a loved one has been involved in a head-on collision, it’s important to contact an experienced trucking accident attorney in Houston as soon as possible.

An experienced trucking accident attorney will know how to investigate your accident and build a strong case on your behalf. They will also be able to negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company on your behalf and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. If you try to handle your case on your own, the insurance company will likely take advantage of you and offer you far less than you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a head-on collision, contact an experienced trucking accident attorney Houston today. Your attorney will fight for the maximum compensation possible for your injuries, lost wages, and more. Don’t try to handle your case on your own—let an experienced professional help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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The Different Types of Car Wrecks and Who is Liable

The Different Types of Car Wrecks and Who is Liable

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Highway officials are always warning drivers not to speed or distracted but some people just don’t listen. The number of car accidents in Texas is staggering. Every day, many drivers face the hazards associated with being on our roads and having their vehicles hit by others who don’t care about safety or fellow man—it’s just something that happens sometimes when you least expect it!

A great way to avoid these situations altogether would be not drinking alcohol before driving polish those brakes, riding safely, following the rules of road ahead before breaking any laws, carefully passing another vehicle & making sure that your tires have enough air pressure so they’re inflated properly. But if you still face tornado-like’ destruction after a havoc car accident, you are entitled to get medical compensation, lost wages compensation, property damage compensation and emotional compensation. We at car wreck attorney Houston make it possible to get maximum financial recovery by gathering strong evidence for you!

Why Car Accidents Happen and How to Avoid Them ?

There are many reasons why car accidents happen, but some of the most common ones are driver error, distractions, and hazardous road conditions. By understanding these causes, you can take steps to avoid them and reduce your risk of being in an accident.

Driver error includes things like speeding, driving while impaired, and failing to yield the right of way. To avoid these mistakes, always obey the speed limit, don’t drink and drive, and make sure you are aware of your surroundings.

Distractions can come from both inside and outside the car. Texting or talking on the phone, eating or drinking, and adjusting the radio are all common distractions that can lead to accidents. To avoid them, put your phone away and make sure you are paying attention to the road at all times.

Hazardous road conditions can include things like icy roads, rain-slicked pavement, and large potholes. To deal with these hazards, slow down when it’s wet or icy outside, use caution when driving around curves, and pay attention to road signs.

With more than 10 years of experience in handling personal injury cases for car accidents, slip & fall cases, motorcycle accident cases and 18-wheeler accidents, our car wreck lawyer Houston can now withstand any tough situation. Backed by our proven track record of success, you can be sure that we will give our best to get the most favorable outcome for your case.

If you or a loved one has been involved in any type of accident, call us today for a free consultation. One of our experienced car accident lawyers will review your case and advise the best legal solution!

Different Types of Car Accidents

There are many different types of car accidents. Some are more serious than others, and some can result in more serious injuries. Some of the most common types of car accidents include the following:

  1. Rear-end collisions. These are the most common type of car accident and often occur when one vehicle slams into the back of another vehicle that is stopped or is going slowly. Common injuries includes whiplash, which is a neck injury.
  2. Head-on collisions. These are the most serious type of car accident and often occur when two vehicles collide head-on with each other. Common injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones.
  3. Side-impact collisions. These collisions can happen when a car swerves into another lane and hits another car head-on, or when a car is T-boned by another car as it turns at an intersection. Common injuries include broken bones and internal bleeding.
  4. Rollover accidents. These can occur when a car flips over onto its side or roof. Common injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones.
  5. Pedestrian accidents. These accidents can happen when a pedestrian steps out into the street without looking and is struck by a car, or when a driver accidentally hits a pedestrian while backing out of a parking spot.

In some circumstances, car accidents can also be caused by defective parts, such as a faulty tire or brakes. If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to seek medical attention right away and to contact an experienced car crash lawyer Houston to help you protect your rights.

How to Find the Culprit of a Car Accident in Houston 

Car accidents are unfortunately all too common in Houston. If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to know how to find the culprit and establish liability. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover damages.

There are many different factors that can contribute to a car accident. In some cases, it may be clear who is at fault. For example, if another driver ran a red light and collided with your vehicle, that driver would be liable for the accident.

In other cases, liability may be less clear. For example, if you were rear-ended by another driver, the other driver may be liable if they were following too closely. However, if you were changing lanes and cut off the other driver, you may be found at fault for the accident.

To know who is liable for your car accident, you should call a Houston car wreck lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. A lawyer can help you investigate the accident and determine who is at fault.

Importance of Car Crash Reports and Medical Records in the Settlement

Whether you are fighting on your own or have hired the best Houston car accident lawyer, you will require medical reports and a copy of the policy report to prove other drivers’ negligence. They both contain strong information related to a car accident and your injuries. Also, if you want to file an accident lawsuit and get compensated for your injuries, then you need these records. As soon as the accident happens, call 911 so that emergency medical services and police arrive at the spot. You should also visit a doctor even if you feel fine. The adrenaline rush can make it difficult to identify some injuries.

To pursue a car accident settlement, you need to show strong documentation to a jury court or an insurance agency, after reviewing the medical report and police report; you can expect the maximum coverage.

If you are involved in a car accident, it is important to get a copy of the police report as well as your own medical records. These reports can be used to help prove the other driver’s negligence and can also help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.

A medical report contains the following informations;

  • Kind of treatment is provided
  • Outcome of the treatment
  • Evaluation of victim’s current medical condition
  • Future medical treatment need
  • Medical expenses
  • Diagnostic test results
  • Photographs of injuries

Similarly, the copy of police report contains;

  • Date & time of the accident.
  • Location
  • Name of the parties involved in a car accident
  • Investigation outcome

Many people don’t know the process of getting a copy of a police report and remain busy in taking care of the victims, so hiring car accident lawyers in Houston is the best option. An accident lawyer knows the grounds on which your case can stand and also, he will be able to retrieve essential documents quickly. You must have all these records to prove that another driver was at fault in a car accident and also, to get compensated for your injuries.

Your Options after a Car Wrech in Houston

If you’ve been involved in a car wreck in Houston, you may be wondering what your options are. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim or even a wrongful death claim. Here’s a look at some of your options after a car wreck in Houston:

  1. File a personal injury claim. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. This will allow you to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  2. File a wrongful death claim. If your loved one was killed in a car wreck, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver. This will allow you to seek compensation for your loved one’s death, as well as funeral and burial expenses.
  3. File a property damage claim. If your vehicle was damaged in the accident, you may be able to file a property damage claim against the at-fault driver. This will allow you to seek compensation for the repairs or replacement of your vehicle.
  4. Seek medical attention. If you’ve been involved in a car wreck, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, you may have suffered internal injuries that need to be treated.
  5. Contact a Houston car accident attorney. If you’ve been involved in a car wreck, you may want to contact a car wreck lawyer Houston to discuss your legal options. An experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and options, and he or she can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Should I contact the Best Houston Car Accidents Lawyers if People died with my Car ?

No, you should not automatically contact a lawyer if people died in your car during an accident. Some lawyers may try to take advantage of you during this difficult time, so it is important to be aware of their tactics. You should only contact a lawyer if you have specific questions about your legal rights or if you need assistance filing a claim with your insurance company. If you do contact a lawyer, make sure to ask for references and check their credentials carefully before hiring them.

We have the best Houston car accident lawyer. Our lawyers are experienced in handling all types of car accident cases, including those involving deaths. We will thoroughly investigate your case and work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How Much does it cost for Brain Injury After Car Accident

It can range from hundred to millions depending on the severity of the accident and the condition of the person. If it’s a severe accident, then it would be more expensive. The treatments for brain injury can be very costly, depending on the intensity and frequency of required therapies. It is important to keep in mind that long-term care costs must also be considered when estimating the total cost of brain injury after a car accident.

Some of the common expenses associated with brain injury are:

* Emergency room care

* Hospitalization

* Surgery

* Physical therapy

* Occupational therapy

* Speech therapy

* Cognitive rehabilitation

* Medications

* Assistive devices

Long-term care costs can easily exceed $1 million. These costs can include:

* In-home care

* Nursing home care

* Residential treatment facilities

* Day programs

* Vocational rehabilitation

* Psychological counseling

Many people with brain injury require lifelong assistance and care. The cost of this care can be devastating to families, especially if they do not have adequate health insurance coverage. Contact best car accident lawyer in Houston to help you with the cost calculation.

Are Car Accidents Lawyers & Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer same for my Car Accident Case ? 

No, they are different. If you want to get the best results and compensation, you should hire a car accident lawyer. They know how to negotiate with an insurance company so that their client gets the maximum benefits. On the other hand, an 18 wheeler accident lawyer is required when an 18-wheeler truck is involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle. These lawyers are specially trained to deal with 18 wheeler accident Houston cases.

5 Tips for Never get into a Car Wreck 

  1. Drive defensively. This means being aware of your surroundings and other drivers on the road, and anticipate their actions.
  2. Follow the speed limit. Obey traffic laws and don’t exceed the posted speed limit.
  3. Avoid distractions while driving. Stay focused on the task at hand, which is operating your vehicle safely.
  4. Don’t drink and drive. Alcohol impairs your judgment and reaction time, making it more difficult to operate a vehicle safely.
  5. Be prepared for emergencies. If you do find yourself in a car wreck, know what to do and have a plan in place. This includes having insurance coverage that will help pay for damages.

Car Wreck Attorney Houston – Don’t Pay Until we Win

Don’t delay in seeking legal help from the best car accident lawyer in Houston. We have the ability to recover the financial compensation for your injuries. If you are injured badly in a single car crash, truck collision or rear end car accident, we are here for you!

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How Are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated?

How Are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated?

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There is no way that you can be completely compensated for your pain and suffering damages. The emotional and physical strain you go through due to the mistake of someone else is impossible to calculate. However, while taking the time to recover, you can claim compensation for pain and all the losses to manage your expenses.

There are different ways that insurance companies calculate your damages. Most of them may seem like they want to help, but in reality, they are working to maximize their profits. Without adequate information on what you are owed, insurance can offer you minimum compensation or, worse, deny your claim. With a personal injury accident lawyer, you can maximize your compensation through proper consultation. Not only will you be able to get a consultation for free, but you will have someone that can negotiate on your behalf to maximize your compensation. And if the situation demands it, an attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

Pain and suffering caused due to accidents

Accidents are always tough to process and create a major change in your lifestyle. The repercussions of accidents and personal injury vary from person to person and are tough to overcome. For the fortunate few, the physical suffering is limited to a few cuts and bruised. Unfortunately, not every victim is as lucky. You can be left with severe burns, permanent scars, broken bones, and physiological problems.

You should call a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to get started on your case and get the compensation you deserve. The consultation is usually free, and they will be able to tell you if you have a case worth pursuing. If you were not at fault, then you may be eligible for punitive damages in addition to any medical bills or lost wages.

How are pain and suffering damages calculated?

Accidental and personal injury cases vary, which is why there is no fixed method to calculate pain and suffering damages. However, there are methods that are commonly used in such cases to calculate damages. These methods remain the same in most cases. However, they are tweaked according to each case.

The Daily Rate/Per Diem method

Insurance companies use this method to calculate pain and suffering. Also popularly known as the ‘Per Diem’ method, it follows the concept of asking for a specific amount as compensation. The calculations work by deciding a daily rate and multiplying it by the days a victim has had to live with the pain and suffering.

The usual practice is to multiply what a victim earns daily and multiply it by the number of days they cannot work. A personal injury accident lawyer can then access data related to similar cases and come up with a number to put forward as compensation. However, in most cases, this method falls apart for injuries that have been sustained for longer periods or have permanently altered the lifestyle of the victim.

Multiplying Specials

The more common way to come up with a number for compensation is through multiple specials. This method is split up into two different steps.

The first step is to decide on an amount that will be used as your special damages. This includes any amount that you have paid in hospitals and any that you are forecasted to pay in the future. This amount can also include additional costs that you have spent on treatment or medication.

The next step is to understand what number is most suitable to multiply your specials with. In the case of serious injuries or permanent injuries,your multiplier will be higher and vice versa. This is where you can really use the help of a Houston, personal injury attorney.

Many factors are at play when deciding the multiplier digit, which is between 1 and 5, 1 being minimum injuries and 5 being the most. The debate at hand is to decide the multiplying factor. A good attorney can help you build a strong case that can get you maximum compensation. The severity of the injuries will dictate the factor used to multiply your total economic damages.

Jury Discretion

in the event that the claim is not settled outside courts, a jury is presented with the facts of the case. The jury then takes multiple factors into account, such as life expectancy and severity of the injuries.

Once the case is presented to a jury, it is up to them to decide what amount, if any, should be awarded for pain and suffering damages.

Instances where you may be eligible for compensation

There are various types of accidents that can allow you to claim pain and suffering damages.

Motorcycle Accident

In the case that you were not at fault in a motorcycle accident, you can be eligible for a claim. Your claim can include pain and suffering damages along with motorbike damages.

Car Accident

In the case that you are involved in an accident due to driver negligence, you can claim damages. You areeligible to claim compensation for pain and suffering that are permanent or that render you to change your lifestyle.

18 Wheeler Truck Accident

In the case that your car or bike is involved in an 18-wheeler truck accident, you are eligible for compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents

In the case you are involved in a road accident due to a car or any other vehicle, you can file for compensation depending on your injuries sustained.

Personal Injury Accident

If you have been a victim due to negligence of someone else, you can file for personal injury compensation.

Slip and Trip Accident

If you have sustained injuries on someone else’s property, you can see if you are eligible for compensation. This can involve pain and suffering claims if you have sustained major injuries that have caused you to take time off from work.

Why Houston’s Personal Injury Attorney is your best bet?

With the best lawyers in Texas, you can ensure that you have someone to back you up. You will have the right people to guide you that can help claim pain and suffering damages according to injuries that you have sustained. An attorney can help you compile necessary documentation along with how you should assess your injury claim. You can make the best case to claim your insurance for the time that you are affected.

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How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Calculates Lost Wages?

How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Calculates Lost Wages?

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Accidents are always unfortunate and most likely leave you injured and emotionally disturbed. Not only are you hurt at the moment, but there can be unimaginable aftermath to an accident. In a situation where you are vulnerable, you never have to be alone. The first thing you need is someone who can guide you to receive what you are entitled to. Being left in a situation where you are unable to work enables you to receive compensation. With personal injury lawyers in Houston, you can claim lost wages while you are forced to take time off work.

What are lost wages?

Whenever you go through an accident, sustain injuries or are mentally traumatized, it becomes impossible for you to work. For every hour that you spend in a doctor’s office or recovering at home, you lose money. Lost wages allow you to focus on completing your recovery without having to worry about your expenses.

There are many different parts of lost wages that can be calculated and claimed as compensation. Not all parts of lost wages may apply to your job. However, the information will allow you to calculate easily.

Daily/Weekly/Hourly Wages

Depending on how many days of work you miss, calculating the amount you can claim becomes easy. The number of days or weeks that you miss is first converted into hours. Once you have a precise estimate of the number of hours missed, the figure is then multiplied by your hourly wage.

For example, in the case that you have missed 20 days of work due to recovery from your back injury, the calculation below would be your lost wages if you worked a standard of 40 hours per week.

No. of Days Missed = 20

Daily Working Hours = 8

Total Working Hours = 160 Hours

Hourly wage = $25

Total Lost Wages = $4,000

Calculating Overtime

Suppose you were the person that had a habit of working overtime. You don’t have to worry. With the right proof, you can claim overtime to be included in your lost wages. As long as you were regularly workingovertime, and it shows in your salary slips, you can easily be compensated. This includes working extra every weekend or during a particular season. For example, if you work extra during the summer season when customer flow is increased.

Vacation or Sick days

Many companies use sick leave or paid vacations to allow you to recover. However, with personal injury lawyers in Houston, you can ask for compensation for those days. Afterall, if not injured, you could have used the allotted days for when you were sick or looking to take a vacation.


If you have a company car, a membership to a gym or any other incentive offered by the company, you can add them to your lost wages. In the case that you were not injured, you would have been able to use all those services, which is why their value can also be added to lost wages. The same goes for tips. As long you have proof of the tips you earned, they are also eligible to be added to your lost wages claim.

Documentation and proof required to maximize lost wages claim

It is not easy to claim maximum lost wages and give your body the time to recover. With the right car accident lawyer, you will be able to ease the process. Despite having the right assistance, you will still need documentation to strengthen your case.

The best piece of documentation you can use is a letter provided by your employer. The letter can contain details on hours you have missed along with perks and bonuses that you were normally provided. In addition, you will also need as much documentation as possible. This can include but is not limited to any documentation that mentions:

  • Your employer
  • Working hours
  • Your wages
  • Employment date


What is lost earnings potential?

With the right lawyer, you can also claim earnings that you may have earned if you continued to work regularly. In legal terms, this is referred to as Lost Earnings Potential. Through this claim, using documentation and future analysis to decide on what promotions you may have received, you can increase your claim. A lawyer can guide you better on how you can decide your lost earnings potential.

You can file for lost wages if you are self-employed

It is not necessary to be employed by someone else if you are looking to claim lost wages. If you own a business or are self-employed, you are still eligible to claim lost wages. As long as you have a great lawyer and can prove regular income through the documentation, you are good to go. Sure, it can be tricky, but you can use business records, receipts and bank records to calculate how much would you have earned if not involved in an accident.

How can an attorney help?

Personal injury cases often result in victims receiving minimum to no compensation. The main reason for this is due to the fact that personal injury claims are much more technical. It is always harder to prove the trauma that one goes through. There are many challenges associated with claiming lost wages. However, personal injury lawyers in Houston are experts that can help you out. From documentation to legal briefings, they can be of great help and have an excellent track record. With an attorney, you can also reduce the risk of making mistakes or skipping any legal proceedings.

A personal injury victim has simply suffered enough. Being affected physically and mentally creates many challenges. You deserve to get maximum compensation, and that is possible with having the best attorney in your corner. With the right help, you can put your best foot forward and present a valid argument.

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Houston Car Accident Attorney – We Solve Car Parking Accident Cases Too!

Houston Car Accident Attorney - We Solve Car Parking Accident Cases Too!

accident lawyers in houston

When it comes to car parking accidents, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. If you’re not careful, you could end up hitting another car, or worse, a pedestrian. That’s why it’s so important to have a good Houston car accident attorney on your side. We know how to handle these cases, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been in a car parking accident, don’t hesitate to call us today. We’ll be happy to review your case and let you know what we can do for you. Remember, we’re here to help you, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do you need a Houston car accident lawyer?

If you were involved in a car accident in Houston, then you may need to hire Houston car accident lawyers to help you with your case. There are many different types of car accidents, and each one can have different legal implications. For example, if you were hit by a drunk driver, you may be able to sue the driver for damages. Or, if you were in a hit-and-run accident, you may be able to get the other driver’s insurance information from the police.

No matter what type of car accident you were involved in, it’s important to speak with Houston car accident attorneys as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options and can help you get the compensation you deserve. If you wait too long to speak with a lawyer, you may miss important deadlines or lose key evidence in your case.

If you need a Houston car accident lawyer, contact Car Crash Houston attorney today. Our experienced lawyers can help you with every aspect of your case, from filing insurance to going to trial.

Houston Auto Accident Attorney Who Work With You

Car Crash Houston is an experienced car accident attorney based in Houston. We want to give you the resources you want, without costing you anything. If the lawsuit goes unanswered, you don’t owe any money whatsoever. When a person has been injured while driving in Houston TX contact the lawyers of our car accident attorney.

Tell me the most common cause of Houston car Accidents?

Negligence has no limits on Texas highways. If the driver is unable to focus on the road for a moment the accident will occur without warning. The most common cause of vehicle accidents in Houston is negligent drivers. The negligence of a consumer can cause serious injuries to others and can be catastrophic to the vehicle and the driver if the damage occurs.

To get a car accident claim for car accident injuries, it is important to have a good Houston car accident lawyer on your side.

Tell me the most common type of car accident in Houston?

Driver negligence is, in essence, the lack of proper handling while driving. Various kinds of automobile crashes occur each day in the United States. Among these are:

  • sideswipe collisions
  • rear-end accidents
  • head-on crashes
  • T-bone or broadside accidents
  • rollover accidents

The most common type of car accident is a rear-end collision. These wrecks happen when one vehicle hits the back end of another vehicle, often at high speeds. You should hire personal injury lawyers for such a car wreck.

Still, Have Doubts? Clear Here!

What is the average settlement for Houston Car Accidents?

The value of an auto accident claim cannot be predicted without evaluating all factors in detail such as medical expenses, lost wages, etc. There are no typical personal injury lawsuits for such fatal crash accidents in Texas. Depending on what happened in the crash the figure varies between $15000 and more than $2M.

How much can someone sue for car accident cases?

Texas does not limit damages awarded in car accidents unless there is an official government lawsuit involving them. A jury or car insurance company can therefore award a victim millions of dollars if a trial warrants such a verdict.

How long after an accident can you file a car accident claim?

Texas law on automobile accidents is 2 years from the time of occurrence. This limitation is also applicable to claimants seeking damages in connection with accident injuries or property losses.

What are common car accident injuries?

There are a few dozen types of injuries that commonly result from car accidents, but some are more severe than others. Depending on the severity of the injury, it may take weeks or months to recover. Some common injuries sustained in car accidents include:

  • whiplash
  • bruises and cuts
  • broken bones
  • damage to organs
  • spinal cord damage
  • traumatic brain injuries

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Many injuries do not become apparent until days or weeks after the accident. A delay in seeking treatment can make it more difficult to recover compensation from the negligent driver.

Meet personal injury attorney to deal with driver’s insurance company

It is common for insurance companies to contact a car accident victim of an accident shortly after the crash. The insurance adjuster may try to get the victim to give a recorded statement or sign a release of liability. It is important to speak with an attorney before giving any statements to the insurance company.

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Personal Injury Law Firm or Insurance Adjusters?

The insurance adjuster is not your friend. The insurance company is not interested in what is fair for you. The adjuster’s job is to settle your claim for as little money as possible. You need a personal injury trial lawyer on your side to level the playing field.

Contact personal injury trial law, even if you have had a minor car accident. We work on a contingency fee basis & a free consultation!

What should I do if I am contacted by the other driver’s insurance company?

If you are contacted by the other driver’s insurance company, you should politely decline to give a statement. You should also refer the insurance adjuster to your experienced car accident lawyer. It is important that you do not give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company without first speaking with an attorney.

Houston Car Accident Guide

In Houston an auto accident can become very complicated. Unfortunately insurance companies won’t help you. They want you to pay the least. Tell me the best person who is devoted to you. Need help? Make a friend. Find Houston accident attorney today. We’ve been there and done it! A Houston car crash attorney will help you make a successful settlement for yourself.

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Unless someone has caused you to be injured by another motorist, you should seek insurance from car insurance companies. Nonetheless experienced attorneys like Nguyen and Chen have learned that insurers try to pay the lowest amount in settlements. If you suffered serious damage in an automobile crash in Texas, you should be focused on healing. You need someone who can fight for you. Car Crash Houston is a Houston automobile crash law firm that helps people with their injuries and takes the necessary time for recovery.

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Each year thousands have died in Houston traffic accidents and more than half have suffered injuries. For a free assessment, please contact our attorneys.